Zack and Nancy Burleson

“My wife and I first encountered Alycia a few years ago when my wife’s journey toward citizenship had just started. As immigration issues generally are this was without a doubt the biggest obstacle my young family and I have faced in our life. The prospect of being forced from the country that I love to maintain my family together was harrowing at best.

What Alycia does not know of our journey, is that before and after initially meeting with her, we met with and discussed my wife’s case with nearly every other immigration attorney in both North Idaho and Spokane. While many of the other options seemed adequate, no one was near Alycia. She first and foremost is a wonderful human being who understood the very personal and emotional aspect of immigration challenges. She took the time on repeated occasions to speak with me as a person and bring as much comfort for my family as she could.

Our case was complicated and required multiple steps to achieve the desired outcome. She first fixed a legal situation with the local state court. The manner in which she fixed that situation was out of the box and unique. I didn’t understand why we fixed the issue in that way until we arrived at my wife’s citizenship interview. When they requested more information, it became clear as to the reasoning. Alycia fixed our local issue with enough foresight as to leave a clear legal reason for my wife’s citizenship application to be approved, which it was.

I am confident that without Alycia and with any other representation I would be 3000 miles south of here attempting to build a new life with my family.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, fighting for your family or for yourself, there is no other immigration attorney I can recommend higher than Alycia.”

Ivana Z Leighton

“Yesterday I became a US citizen and I couldn’t have done it without ⁦‪@MossImmigration‬⁩ If you need a skilled and compassionate attorney to represent you, look no further.” #citizenship #immigration #USA

Joel. H. Paget, member of Ryan, Swanson & Cleveland, PLLC

“Alycia was very helpful in sorting out the options of a difficult case. She was timely in her responses which was needed because we were under tight time constraints.”

Michael Murphy

“I have to thank MOSS IMMIGRATION LAW very much for helping me secure my citizenship. There were a few issues with my original Green Card application that could have caused problems with my Citizenship application. Alycia and her team provided me with great advice all through the application process. They were also very supportive and responsive right up until I acquired my Citizenship.” – Michael Murphy