The staff at Moss Immigration Law appreciate all of our clients. From time to time there are clients who go above and beyond to help us assist them with their cases, or show a great deal of understanding when things shift in their case due to the always evolving complexity of immigration, or just plain deserve a thank you. For these reasons and more, our team selects 2 clients each month to send a special thank you to. The clients shown on this page have elected to be featured on this website and provide real life testimonials.

“Working with Moss Immigration Law has been efficient and educational. They have proven to be extraordinarily professional and quick to answer questions as well as provide insight so that someone with no background in legal terms can understand. I’m grateful for the work they do and look forward to working with Moss Immigration Law again in the future.” – Intrinium, Inc.

“By far this has to be the best immigration attorney, with Moss Immigration Law my opinions were valued and my doubts were always reassured. They were always able to calm my nerves, and explained everything so the process was easy to understand. My wife and I are very pleased with the adjustment of status process. Big thank you to Alycia and Chandra. Highly recommend.”
– Breno Lourenco Santos

“We have had a great experience with Moss Immigration Law. I feel like this is due to their knowledgeable caring staff that have been available to answer questions throughout our process.” – Sinje Schioberg